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Genuine Awareness Australia

United and organized for a Nation inspired by the spirit of moral values and ethics as well as stronger Laws to protect the authenticity and dignity of our products and their creators. 

  • The Concept:

Iconic Design Products such as the Panton Chair, the Eames House Bird, and many more, are generally  protected by laws that grants the exclusive rights of production and merchandise to its creators.


Should anyone wish to produce  or sell such products, they will be  bound to formally request permission (Licensing-approval),  to its owners, before establishing any business activity  with it.


The decision of grant/decline of such licenses   is completely and absolutely the right of the product of choices owner. 

Should anyone decide to exercise business without the required  licensing, they will be prosecuted in any advanced Country for its attempted robbery.


One would have thought that Australia would have certainly been on the list of those Countries that would protect creators and their fantastic products of such atrocity we can straight forward call:

                            "Legalised Robbery"

It is a massive contradiction and really heartbreaking to see this happening. Whats more disturbing, nothing and no one can protect us and our products.

There is no other word to describe the Replica Business as Legalised Robbery!



  • Our Goles:

We aim to to move Australia Forward and criminalise the Replica Business. We want to see our Nation blossoming with stronger Moral Values and Laws to protect our Industry as well us our products. But most importantly to honour  those Architects and Designers that delivered such magnificent work and inspired the World with their dedication, passion and talent.

  • Donations:

Our resources are rather limited, more so with the impact of COVID-19. Therefore In order to bring the spirit of Genuine Awareness all across our Nation, we will be welcoming donations from our partners and supporters to have the financial power to work with effectiveness and efficient marketing tools so we get our message through  all the way down to Canberra. 

I am  faithful: WE CAN AUSTRALIA.

Fabio Ragona

Founder of GAA.

VRG Design Brisbane.

Spirit of the Mid-Century Modern.



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