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A Place of Surreal Beauty.

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Founded in 1993, Space Furniture Brisbane is one of Australia's number one destination for iconic design furniture. I wouldn't dare calling theme a furniture store but rather more, what we call in Europe a "Boutique". Surreal and beautiful, one could almost believe to be Alice in Wonderland, or at last that's how I feel each time I walk through that door and fall into the "Space Spell" with all the curiosities and magic forms and shapes I find there.

Kartell is obviously one of the most dominant brands you'd find yourself appreciating in this well established Australian house of iconic design, along with B and B Italia, Glass Italia, Moooi and of course famous Vitra of Switzerland.

I would like to emphasise that Space Furniture, compared to other houses of design, is an incredibly refined, elegant and classy furniture boutique. Their staff is well known for being welcoming, knowledgable and very friendly. They strive for perfection and will do everything in their power to surprise you with individual customer service, attention to detail, grace and beauty.

In order to guarantee 100% satisfaction, I personally do recommend to our customers at VRG Design Brisbane to have the product familiarisation walk alongside with me, rather than on their own. I need to be able to see if the connection is established between the customer and the specific products. Charles and Ray Eames used to say: It's all about the connection, and I take this matter very seriously as I honestly believe that it's all about us and the product connecting with each other!

If you'd like to check them out in person, feel welcomed to visit them on 35 Chester Street in the Valley, 4006 Brisbane. I promise you'll be delighted!

Fabio Ragona

VRG Design Brisbane.

02 November 2020

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