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Green Girls Rock.

Plants are a fundamental part of our homes and their contribution to a healthier and more relaxed living is undeniable. Generally speaking the "Biophilia Factor" reminds Interior Designers of the one living thing we cant forget in the creation of new Interiors, which is quenching the inner desire we all Humans have to connect with Mother nature!

Our "Green Girls", ( as I call them), have numerous good reasons to be part of our homes and offices, one of them is serving as "Air Purifiers", since they consume the CO2, (Carbon Dioxide), polluted air. They also produce O2, (Oxygen), and release it to the admosphere enabling us to live on the Planet.

Thanks to their natural colour, which for the most is green and having a predisposed tendency to affect our moods. Green is the colour of peace and serenity.

The air we breath indoors is said to contain 10 times more pollutants than outdoor air! Synthetic materials in our modern, energy efficient buildings and in our furniture, can emit various organic compounds that react together, creating toxins that could cause coughs, eye irritation, sinus problems and even change your mood.

We are talking about the "Indisposed Building Syndrome"! For this reason why at VRG Design Brisbane, we only work with products of high quality, "Eco Friendly" and also with recycled furniture.

In order to encourage healthy homes, here a few examples that could help you in the process of applying the "Biophilia Factor" at home.

Having "green girls" is an effort because you will have to take care of them! But think of all the goodies they will provide in return! Putting your best efforts in everything you do in life is the key element for success and nothing good can happen without it.

Allow me to introduce you to the "Top Ten Models" that have passed our VRG Design Brisbane, "Top Green Girls Contest Award 2020":

For this, they need to be incredibly beautiful, (without discriminating, all plants are beautiful, but the ones we've chosen are the "Claudia Schiffer", "Heidi Klum" and "Naomi Cambbell" of the Flora World)! Obviously, they need to be easy to take care of and efficient at producing oxygen and clearing out toxins for cleaner breathing air for our customers too. Top Model Green Girls are a super divas and will give you attitude if you dont treat them right so watch out and deliver the TLC peeps.

Top Ten Green Girls 2020:

1. Rubber Tree: They are one of the easiest plants there is in terms of the attention loving! They are pretty much happy wherever you've decided to place them and are said to be one of the best air purifier there is.

2. Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree: They have been in fashion over the last couple of years. It is lush, bold and very green! This green girl loves the sun, therefore a nice warm, bright spot close to a window would make her thrive, (direct light exposure to be treated with caution!).

3. Snake Plant: They don't need much light or water to be happy, therefore an easy choice for any corner of your home. All green girls absorbs carbon dioxide, (CO2), and release oxygen, (O2), during the day whilst during night time such action is reversed, (reason why we do not recommend to our customers having to many green girls in their bedrooms, in order to avoid increased levels of such gas that could potentially lead to restless nights and in rare cases intoxication!). Add one or two to your bedroom for a clean-air boost if you like but don't go too far with it.

4. The Golden Pothos, number four because of its ability to clear formaldehyde from the air. Its a hanging plant, as the leaves will grow down in cascading vines. They grow easily in cool temperatures with low levels of sunlight.

5. Lavandula: One of my favorites! If you thought that this beautiful green girl is only happy partying outdoors, let me prove you wrong. Lavander can survive well indoors given the right conditions! Allow a bright, direct light for a couple of hours every day, and water it only when the soil is slightly dry. Plus added a little bit of TLC, (Tender Loving Care), I promise you'll get best results.

6. Boston Fern: Beautiful and vibrant green leafs, always a great touch to any Interior. However, this green girl is a bit of a diva and will keep you busy! They are addicted to lots of shade light, so bright rooms is what they like, (please avoid extreme warm rooms as you'd give them a hard time). They love getting watered every day too and be ready to pick up after them as they shed passionately and on a regular basis.

7. Peace Lily: This fancy looking green girl is not very picky in her daily care. It likes to be in a places with low to moderate light, (strongly avoid direct sun). Also as most plants do, they like talking to each other! I don't know if you have ever noticed but green girls always look happy and healthier whenever placed close to each other. My grandma Heidi Ragona could never stress enough about placing our green ladies together so they could have a little bit of a gossip and talk about girl things. Granny was right! Try it out, you'd be surprised!

8. Banana Tree: These plants can also be grown in a pot with just the same magnificent growth it would have outdoors. Highly demanding whenever speaking of direct sun! They need their full 8 hours of direct sunshine on them in order to be happy! Also addicted to drinking, these green girls love their daily drinks, so please keep their soil moist with lots of water.

9. Cactus: This is a very popular green girl and definitely one of a kind! They come in different varieties and since most of them are Queens of the desert, they are definitely suitable as indoor plants. Very low maintenance in terms of watering them, but be careful as they can be prickly if you came a little bit too close since their are not very cuddly!

If you want to check the health of this particular baby before buying it, try pinching it gently with a pen at the bottom of it and if its rather soft, its a sign that this green girl needs to go to Rehab as its not looking good for her.

10. Fruit Salad Plant: Having its roots back in Central America, this green girl is a very dramatic plant! It is popular for its large glossy leaves, identified easily by the holes it has on it. They love tanning somewhere close to a window where it can get all sun it wants, (ideally a pool too but its not a must...). Since its a climbing plant, be mindful of its adhesive roots as you wouldn't want any surface damaged! She also has sisters, someare even varigated.

Now we are a little more aware of "The Green Girl Power" and the importance of having them living with us. They boost our mood, productivity, concentration as well as creativity. They reduce stress, fatigue, clean the air by absorbing toxins, increase humidity and produce oxygen. What more could we ask for?

However, if you still find that you dont have the time or the patience to give them the attention and love they need, try to make the view through your windows as green and vivid as possible by making those channels to the outside World greener than ever! Set up small gardens on each possible window and even doors outside. This way, you'll be able to appreciate your green girls beauty, all happy and cheerful waving at you and putting a happy smile on your face.

Fabio Ragona

VRG Design Brisbane.

19 Th October 2020

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