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Bright Living Room

Fabio Ragona

I was born in 1983 in Buenos Aires and raised for the majority  of my life in Switzerland, my Home Country.


I m a creator inspired by the light of beauty and simplicity. It was my grandfather, Fabio Marchese Ragona that inspired me as a child with his fantastic furniture and Artwork arrangements, everything connected with each other, in absolute harmony, to bring the Objects and it's surroundings to shine by using its full capacity.


The Mid-Century, is our core vision of interior design in the modern World at VRG Design.

Apart from my absolute number one source of inspiration and creativity: Verner Panton, followed by Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, and Le Corbusier, I embrace the relevance of modern touch to our Retro Vision of the present time! Artists such as Patricia Urquiola, Sebastian Herkner, Tom Dixon and Philippe Starck, bring the vital touch of modernity to my Retro Dream.

I studied Art and design in Zurich to develop even further my artistic skills and enhance my understanding and knowledge  in the field. Whenever speaking of these two specific ways of expression, I cant help myself but to simply thrive because  its a World of its own with almost no frontiers.

Depending on the viewers eyes and approach, the understanding and interpretation may differ  slightly if not completely from one person to the other .


Believing in yourself, having the courage and strength to embrace the challenges but more than anything, addressing things with an open spirit and willingness to put your absolute effort , is the key factor to become your greatest version of yourself.



VRG Design Brisbane

Fabio Ragona.

Business Owner


The most important thing is that you love what you are doing, and the second that you are not afraid of where your next idea will lead.


Charles and Ray Eames.

Sergio Zappa

Technology, Social Media, Public Relations  as well as Finances and Web Design are a few of the many skills Ive been focusing on developing over the last couple of years.


I am very inquisitive, enthusiastic and adventurous when it comes to learning new things or starting a new project.

VRG Design is a  modern, flexible, dynamic and creative Company that Fabio and I

Im constantly up in the skies, travelling between Switzerland, where I was born and my new Home Australia.



VRG Design Brisbane

Sergio Zappa.

Business Owner and Brand Representative Switzerland/Europe.

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